Our pony was losing weight, sensitive around his flanks and especially around the girth area. Was becoming really cranky whilst being tacked up, brushed, and also whilst being ridden. He was to the point where he was becoming unrideable for my young daughter as he would now buck and pig root constantly. He would turn to his girth area and was nipping at his coat in pain. His coat was extremely dull, dry and very rough to touch. Even after regular grooming and routine worming, we just couldn’t get him right. Prior to using digestive eq, he was on a low starch and sugar diet, but something was missing. We were at a point where we couldn’t ride him not only for his behaviour but for the weight he kept losing. Since starting our pony on Digestive EQ, he has done a complete turn around and a massive change in his attitude, work ethic and he is back to his usual happy, easy going self! His coat is silky soft to touch, no sensitivity in the places he was before and his weight has improved so much. His coat is shiny and for being roan that’s very hard to see and he is covered in dapples. No more bucking or pig routing! I am so happy with the results with Digestive EQ on our pony, it is totally amazing and our pony is once again his happy little self. It saved his life!

"Christine Barker"


I am the type of horse owner that is very careful with my money and I therefor do a lot of research into any new product I consider using on my horses, and Poseidon Equine Digestive EQ was no different. I read all about how it worked and the benefits that could result from using this product and it ticked a number of boxes that I wanted ticked. My main reason for using Digestive EQ was due to me planning a trip East to Sydney to compete with my 13yo Purebred Arabian Mare Marbling Novelle at the beginning of 2020. I wanted to ensure that she was in tip top condition inside and out, and what better product to achieve this outcome! I started Elle on it in the second half of 2019 and within 4 weeks I noticed huge changes! Elle's attitude towards her work was greatly improved, her skin and coat looked and felt amazing and her body and conditioning was spot on! The next big test would be to see how she looked upon arriving in Sydney after travelling 4000km by float in the middle of summer. She looked incredible!! She happily ate her way across Australia with no drop in her condition and no change in her attitude towards life. I am so grateful that I took a chance on Digestive EQ and I know we wouldn't have been able to have such an incredibly successful Eastern States campaign without the help of this fantastic product! I now have my Purebred Arabian Stallion and our little Welsh Mare on it too and the results truly speak for themselves!
"Chloe Scardetta"

I have been using Digestive EQ for a very stressy standardbred filly who usually always needs expensive ulcer medications during her race preparations. This preparation I have only used Digestive EQ and I have been so happy with the results. She has been less stressed and fussy. She is eating well and cleans up even after a hard run. Her coat is glowing. Thankyou EQ. Now I feed EQ and VM to all the horses in my stable. The results have been amazing and I couldn't be happier!

"Lisa Walton"

Can't believe the difference Digestive EQ has made on the old man. Not only his coat looking amazing (It was shiny to start with but now so much and literally glows) His attitude has become so chilled and he loves and is willing to be worked with no grumpiness.

" Issy Leppard "

4 weeks on Digestive EQ. His belly, bum and neck have all started to fill out. Another month and i'll be able to start dropping his feed down.
" Jade Devine "