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Getting to know your WA Distributor..
My name is Shannara Beresi and I am the Western Australian distributor for Poseidon Equine Products. My partner and I own a boutique breeding stud in Western Australia breeding Show ponies and have purchased our first Thoroughbred mare in foal to Playing God. Our horses are all produced on Digestive EQ & VM and are over the moon with the results we have noticed on all broodmares and show horses, as well as our little OTT Thoroughbred.
A little story behind the reason as to why I am in love with this product and am now the WA distributor. It's a story that I absolutely love sharing with you all, as I just can't believe the difference in my little mare. It changed our lives..
I was first introduced to Digestive EQ when on my travels east competing with my successful Galloway mare, Karma Park National Girl a few years ago, before EQ had been launched and little did I know that this product would change the way I looked at gut health and how it would help my little mare in ways I didn't think were possible. Our mare had been diagnosed with ulcers and treated, but I knew she still wasn't 100%, so I needed something more long term to keep her happy. With so much travel and competitions, I had to keep her performing at her best, to get the best results whilst competing. As I had purchased her as a foal, I knew her inside out.
She came off her Ulcer treatment and still wasn't 100% the pony I knew, on to Digestive EQ and she was back to her normal happy self within 2 weeks. She became happier in herself, wasn't girthy anymore, forward in to my contact again and in front of my leg, which I struggled with when she had ulcers.
I couldn't have been happier and 2 years later she is still fed Digestive EQ, even in the broodmare paddock. She's looking and feeling amazing! 


Karma Park National Girl